About Us

Flapscap was born from the alliance between Tapointel and a series of strategic partners in 2016 around a particular activity: four years of research and testing of new types of closures for bottles.

The search for new ideas is the basis of our commitment: to offer the highest quality bottle stoppers to our customers. For this, we have relied on experts in the field, such as the Technological Institute of Plastics (AIMPLAS) and various machinery and materials companies.

Each of Flapscap’s partners is responsible for a specialized department that fulfills vital functions:

  1. Techniques: patents and product development.
  2. Management and Communication: presentations and commercial implementation.
  3. Legal and Financial: to ensure the viability and commitment of the company with customers.

To comply with our customers, the company will take into account all the manufacturers of caps by means of license agreements for patent exploitation and own manufacture.

TAPOINTEL: Managing innovation in an SME