Welcome to Flapscap

Self-extracting, hermetic and recyclable bottle stoppers
Our Models

Our Philosophy

Make products more user friendly, regardless of the type of packaging and the sales channel.

Therefore, all our stoppers are self-extracting and with an absolute adaptability to the bottle.


We make stoppers. Innovative stoppers.

In FLAPSCAP we have been adapting our stoppers to the real needs of the market.

Our goal: to offer current formats a more practical and modern approach.

That is why we have decided to create a new stopper for glass bottles: A stopper that replaces old products such as Crown Cap and cork, or new ones such as Ring Crown, Stelvin or Pilfer.

Of course, we also think about the future: our stoppers could also be used to close PET containers.

How does our bottle stopper look like?



Through a different mechanism.


Absolutely. With internal closure.

100% Adaptable

So that it is never an impediment in the design of more comfortable packaging.


The costs are an argument to start using it.

100% Recyclable

Both in the present and in the future. Adaptable to new biodegradable materials that could arise.

What FLAPSCAP offers:

  • Unique design and closure that allows adapting to the irregularities inside the glass container. This allows us to offer a hermetic and complete adaptability, regardless of the format or mouth of the bottle that needs to be closed.
  • High customization capacity: our stoppers are manufactured with plastic injection technology. The only limit is placed by the marketing department of each brand.
  • Commercial attractiveness for all channels: even for the Hostelry and Restoration business. Our self-extracting stoppers are a practical and economical solution.
  • New style and improvement of service time for waiters, not having to use any tool to open the bottles.
  • Brand differentiation versus competitors.
  • Audited, legal and inviolable guarantee seal that indicates if the container has been opened.